About Serein

“Without your health, you have nothing.” Serein’s mom used to tell her this all the time and it wasn’t till she watched her mom battle liver disease, cancer, then a stroke did she truly understand what her mom meant. 

Serein is a certified nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and certified health coach. Her husband Chris Ledford is a certified personal trainer through NASAM and certified nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and together they created Led Fit on YouTube to help motivate and guide people in living a healthier lifestyle. 

The path to becoming a nutritionist was motivated by Serein’s own health struggles after losing her mom in early 2017. 

Growing up on fast food, takeout, and movie theatre snacks, Serein never had a good foundation for proper nutrition, but was always active through dance and sports. While she tried many detoxes, diets, and meal plans along the way nothing was sustainable and she’d always revert back to her bad habits of binge eating and love (addiction) of processed foods. 

After turning 30 she started to notice changes in her body; lethargy, low immunity, daily headaches between 3 and 4 pm, mood swings, brain fog, body pain, and excessive weight gain. After the loss of her mom Serein’s doctors became concerned with the rapid weight gain, mental state, and declining lab tests. Serein tried everything, but it wasn’t until she and Chris sat down and really focused on science backed research did they discover intermittent fasting and keto, which spurred further research and multiple certifications. 

Serein believes there is no such thing as the perfect diet or one way to health, but rather help guide her clients through science backed information to help them make informed choices that fit within their lifestyle. Because it’s through consistent effort that you see results. 

Each person is unique which is why each program should be unique to the individual for maximum results.

By empowering the individual with knowledge they are able to make informed choices about their food, movement, lifestyle and in turn find a sustainable healthy lifestyle for themselves.